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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bringing home the batting.....

I am so excited. We have batting, lots and lots of batting, so much  that it wouldn't fit in my 4Runner.  I stopped by Humble Fabrics and Crafts and walked out with a gigantic roll of batting.  Thank you Roxy for giving us such a good deal.  As we approached my little vehicle with this big roll of batting I realized how big this roll was.  We lowered the back seats and shoved it up against the front seats and it still wouldn't all go in.  I finally lowered the back window and drove home with it hanging out the back.  I am so grateful for such beautiful weather today. 
We have batting now! We are ready to roll with the quilt making project!  We have been busy sorting through all the boxes that were donated and have found some wonderful surprises which I will show you in my next post.  In the meantime we are getting ready for Friday. Friday is a work day, anyone who can come is welcome to help iron, pin and sew.  We have lots of fun ahead!

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